Our organization has been providing academic, life skills and transition services for students with disabilities since 1984 in an effort to prepare students for success following graduation. Building on this legacy, The CEA School at South Hunterdon was launched in 2016 to better meet the needs of our students in more inclusive environments. The CEA School is a New Jersey Department of Education approved private school located within a public school setting serving middle and high school age students with disabilities.

Our person-centered approach begins with the student’s academic needs as well as their social development. The skills we build upon with each student are enhanced during community based work and learning experiences as well as through participation in meaningful inclusive classes and extracurricular activities.

From the student’s first day of school, his/her transition journey to successful life following graduation begins. The student’s individual plan is implemented daily by our professionally trained and credentialed staff. The CEA School strives to ensure that our students are given the knowledge, skills, abilities and tools needed for success as adults in their local communities. Our school is positioned to provide the support that each of our students need for success, as we have a high staff to student ratio.