Our Mission

To facilitate career pathways and community employment for students and adults with disabilities.

Our Core Beliefs 


We believe our employees, students and program participants deserve to work and learn in an environment where they are treated with dignity and respect. We respect and recognize the unique talents and gifts each person brings to CEA.


We believe in the power of choice and determining one’s own future. Employment offers greater financial stability for workers, which in turn affords them more control over their lives and circumstances.


We believe in being results oriented and providing the maximum value to our customers as well as fostering positive outcomes for our students and program participants.

Do the Right Thing

We believe in being honest, acting with integrity and being transparent in how we run CEA and interact with our stakeholders. We expect this level of commitment from all of our employees.

Best Practices

We believe in implementing best practices for our industries and functional areas in order to provide quality services and products for our customers.

Social Responsibility

We believe in reducing our ecological footprint through recycling, minimizing waste, lowering energy consumption, making environmental-friendly purchases, and conserving our natural resources.


We celebrate diversity and believe in inclusive communities. We believe in providing opportunities for people to be productive and contributing members of their local communities and realizing the rewards and status that goes along with being successfully employed.

Outstanding Service

We believe in providing outstanding customer service to our program participants, students, customers, co-workers and other stakeholders as we fulfill our mission.

Embrace Change

We welcome change and understand that change is necessary for continued business success. We believe in being an agile organization which remains poised to respond to customer needs, business opportunities and potential organizational threats in a proactive and efficient manner.

Financial Growth and Stewardship

We believe in being good stewards of the funds entrusted to our company by funding agencies, contributors and philanthropic organizations. We believe in diversifying our revenue streams to ensure financial growth and stability so that we may continue to fulfill our mission as well as enhance our services for our customers.